DesoBody Love Cosmedical (5x10ml) For Sale


DesoBody Love Cosmedical (5x10ml) For Sale, Deso Face and Deso Body fat injections could be the solution to stubborn fat on your body or face. The injection liquefies the fat and destroys it before being removed through the body’s lymphatic system. If the area that you want to be treated is on your face, then you are going to need a different injection to the one for your body.

DesoBody for sale is an injectable fat dissolver that effectively treats unwanted stubborn localized fat deposits in many areas of the body such as back fat, thighs, stomach, and many more.

DesoBody 5x10ml bottles contain Sodium Deoxycholate (1.25%) for the effective treatment of localized adiposity on areas of the body, this reduces fat whilst improving the firmness of the skin. The optimal well-balanced concentration of sodium deoxycholate (1,25%) allows to effectively treat all the localized fat deposits of the body, primary, secondary and pathological.

When treating the body localized adiposity is reduced whilst skin firmness is improved. Sodium Deoxycholate is designed to breakdown fat cells while minimizing irritation. Deso Body liquefies and dissolves the fat before it is removed through the body’s lymphatic system.



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